Specialized Coaching Support for Women w/ADHD

Specialized support for women with ADHD.


If you or someone you love has ADHD, book your complimentary discovery session today to see how I can help. 

Having ADHD means that our brains are wired slightly differently. Knowing how the ADHD brain works and how to work with it can help you to move through life with more confidence, ease and joy. ADHD comes in many shapes and forms and impact our relationships, self-esteem and productivity both at home and at work.

A few of the things we can work though are:

-Emotional Regulation

-Organization, Time Management & Prioritization

-Increasing Focus

-Dealing with Impulsivity

-Executive Function Support

-Working with Rumination, Anxiety, Perfectionism and Overwhelm

-Handling Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

and more…

What are you struggling with? 

Let’s set up a discovery session to see if I can help. 

Email me at aartimallya@gmail.com


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