Hi! I’m Aarti– a  life coach, educational leader, mindfulness and yoga instructor, wife and mom of 11-year old twins. My mission is to empower you to find freedom from limiting beliefs so that you can unleash your full potential and move through life with more confidence, clarity, joy and ease!

I was a high school biology teacher for over ten years and now work as a high school administrator and life coach. Throughout my own personal and professional journey, I’ve witnessed how mental health and well-being can impact a person’s ability to move through life. I have discovered the impact that our thoughts and limiting beliefs, can have on our abilities to create the lives we truly desire, especially when left unchecked. 

At a time in my life when I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed by the diverse demands of work, family, raising my children and to put it simply, LIFE- I found yoga.  It was while practicing yoga and meditation, that I noticed the extent to which my inner critic was running the show, and more importantly— what was possible when I was able to begin to choose differently.

I am passionate about empowering YOU to overcome the self-doubt, fear, anxiety and overwhelm that are often a by-product of these limiting beliefs so you can UNLEASH your full potential and CREATE the life YOU TRULY DESIRE. 

Aarti Mallya, founder and CEO of the Mind & Body Route LLC earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University, has 20+ years experience in science and health education, is a wellness and life coach, yoga and meditation instructor, wife and proud mother of 11-year old twins. Having experienced the power of life coaching to overcome her own  struggles with anxiety, self-doubt, perfectionism and overwhelm, Aarti is passionate about empowering women (and young women!) to retrain their brains and optimize their well-being so they can UNLEASH their FULL potentials. She is known for the fun-loving approach and compassion-centered philosophy she brings to enable clients (YOU!) to discover new possibilities in their personal and professional lives. Aarti offers 1:1 coaching, workshops and retreats.

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