I reached out to Aarti when I was going through a particularly stressful time balancing motherhood, a full-time job and considering a career change. She is a good listener and knows exactly how to balance support with encouragement to step out of my comfort zone to see what is possible. She has helped me find many useful ways to calm my mind so that I am able to focus and figure out what is truly important to me and where I want to go from here. Working with Aarti has been a truly empowering experience. I highly recommend working with her.

Jen S, Mom, Advocate, Educator

I hired Aarti to assist me with achieving greater balance in my life. She did that, and then some. A good listener, Aarti quickly synthesized information and provided guidance. In her quiet but powerful way, she coached me in a manner that enabled me to reclaim areas of my life and unleash yet unrealized potential. While working with her, I became empowered to conceive of short- and long-term goals that I had not previously considered. I didn’t mind doing the work in between sessions, because I saw the results. I would strongly recommend Aarti to those seeking to step beyond the current comfort zone and achieve more. I look forward to working with her again.

E.A. Writer & Editor

Life coaching was a mystery to me when I first started sessions with Aarti. I originally assumed the concept was an extension of therapy that reinforces new ‘thought habits’ to my everyday lifestyle. What resulted became an incredible mental and soulful transformation. It takes someone with patience, kindness, compassion, and authentic encouragement to understand the depths of what has been rooted in my mental health for all of my life. Aarti provides space and clarity that ultimately brought huge awareness discoveries of my thought patterns, insecurity roots, and abilities to come out of what once felt ingrained, stuck, and permanent in my well-being, for every aspect of my life. Learning about boundaries, acceptance, and the importance of openness changed my life for the better, in every way possible. It has been a year since my sessions, and throughout that time I became engaged, happily married, a certified 200-hour yoga teacher, moved into a new and prosperous home with my husband, and are planning to adopt a puppy soon! Sounds like many, beautiful miracles within my partnership, but Aarti guided me to understanding how it takes MY own love and patience to be honest and specific about my goals, and even more specific about the steps it takes to get there. I cannot recommend Aarti enough for her genuine will to help women step up for their own well-being and greater good.

P.L. Entrepreneur 

I started working with Aarti when I was facing a big transition in my career and life. It was an exciting change, but also a scary and somewhat overwhelming one. Aarti provided me with the tools and support I needed to navigate this transition and helped me to really focus in on what kind of a future I want to build for myself with work, home life, and my health and well being. She did not provide me all the answers to my life problems – instead, she empowered me to discover my own solutions by helping me develop specific goals I wanted to reach and then a plan to achieve those goals. She was also wonderful in helping me to develop ways in which to manage the emotional ups and downs that come along with change – real, tangible ways to deal with stress, fear and anxiety by helping to reframe my thinking on subjects that cause those feelings to come up. She is calm, warm, focused, a fantastic listener and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make some changes in their lives and needs a guiding hand to help.

K.G. Entrepreneur & Mom

I found working with Aarti as my wellness coach both motivating and insightful. She was very attentive and thoughtful during our sessions which made it easy to connect/talk. She helped me set nutrition and exercise goals that were both achievable and sustainable. I found that the weekly summaries she sent me really helped to keep me accountable for what I had planned to work on and they also always had some extra useful tips and recipes – which was great! I really enjoyed my sessions and feel so confident about the lifestyle changes she helped me make. I highly recommend her!

S.K. Pediatrician & Mother of Two

Prior to working with Aarti, I struggled with achieving peace and calm in stressful situations. I was unable continue with everyday activities. Aarti coached me on how to incorporate meditation into my life and to add journaling to express my feelings. I now consistently meditate daily and can let go and stay centered amid chaos. I am also focusing on how to live fully in the present moment. She also recommended great resources and followed up with me weekly. Anyone looking to improve their physical or mental capabilities would benefit tremendously from her program.

L.T. Mother of Two & Virtual Franchise Owner

Before starting my program with Aarti, I was struggling with creating and maintaining an exercise and wellness plan that fit into my life. Through my work with Aarti, I have been able to maintain a daily wellness routine, but – more importantly – I have realized that a lot of my blocks were due to my relationship with myself. Working with Aarti was so helpful not only because she provided great guidance and tools, but because she is so supportive and non-judgmental. Aarti is empathic and a great listener. She really focused on my needs and provided a framework for me to make a shift.

I am now able to create a space for myself where I come from self-love and acceptance rather than from a place of stress and a need for perfection. I feel that Aarti’s program is a great fit for anyone that wants to incorporate more self-love, balance, and wellness into their lives.

J.M. Emergency Room Physician & Life Coach